The 3 Ages of Magick - Original and remastered Edition

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Remaster Edition
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Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe

Oliver Wakeman
Oliver Wakeman
Steve Howe
23rd July 2001
Karl Groom at Thin Ice
Rob Aubrey at Nomansland
Anne Sudworth. Oliver Wakeman (logo)
Opus Suite (Devon), Goodmerry Farm Studios (Cornwall) & Langley (Devon)

Karl Groom at Thin Ice
Esoteric Recordings
14th October 2013

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Oliver Wakeman
Steve Howe
Tony Dixon
Jo Greenland
Tim Buchanan
Dave Wagstaffe

Track listing

Remaster Edition
Piano, Keyboards and Hammond Organ
Electric & Acoustic Guitars & Steel guitar
Uilleann Pipes, Whistles & Flute
Fretted & Fretless Basses
Drums & Percussion

1. Ages Of Magick
2. Mind Over Matter
3. The Forgotten King
4. The Storyteller
5. The Whales Last Dance
6. Time Between Times
7. Flight Of The Condor
8. Lutey And The Mermaid
9. Standing Stones
10. The Enchanter
11. The Healer
12. Through The Eyes Of A Child
13. Hy Breasail

14. Hit 'n Myth - (Previously unreleased)
15. The Faerie Ring - (Previously unreleased)
16. Dream Weaver - (The Storyteller Demo)