Coming to Town - Live in Katowice DVD and CD

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Oliver Wakeman Band

Oliver Wakeman; Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman
Oliver Wakeman; Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman
Oliver Wakeman
Metal Mind Productions
DVD - 9th June 2008 (Europe), 8th July 2008 (US)
CD - 9th February 2009 (Europe), 10th March 2009 (US)
Karl Groom at Thin Ice
Karl Groom at Thin Ice
Oliver Wakeman
Wyspianski Theater, Katowice (Poland)

Released as a DVD and CD swing case edition, a standard single DVD and a standard Digipack CD

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Metal Mind Productions
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Oliver Wakeman
Paul Manzi
David Mark Pearce
Paul Brown
Dave Wagstaffe

Track listing
Piano, Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitars and Backing Vocals
Bass Guitar
Drums, Percussion and Backing Vocals

1. Don't Come Running
2. Dangerous World
3. The Agent
4. Calling for You
5. Three Broken Threads
6. Burgundy Rose
7. Mother's Ruin
8. Enlightenment
9. If You're Leaving
10. I Don't Believe in Angels
11. Wall of Water
12. Walk Away
13. Coming to Town