Ravens & Lullabies

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Oliver Wakeman & Gordon Giltrap

Oliver Wakeman & Gordon Giltrap
Oliver Wakeman
Oliver Wakeman
Esoteric Antenna/Cherry Red
4th March 2013
Karl Groom at Thin Ice
Images: Liliana Sanches - Layout: Oliver Wakeman
Thin Ice Studio, The Opus Suite, Elversound Studio
Bailey Grove Studio. Illusion Studio 3
Released as a single CD and limited 2CD edition

The track 'Moneyfacturing' was nominated in the
Prog Awards 2013 Anthem category
The album was voted 'Album of the Year' in the
Paperlate Radio annual listeners poll.
The album was voted 'Album of the Year' by
Trevor Ragatt in Rock 'n Reel Magazine.

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Tour story Winter 2013

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Oliver Wakeman
Gordon Giltrap
Paul Manzi
Benoit David
Steve Amadeo
Johanne James

Track listing
Piano, Keyboards and Backing Vocals. Electric Guitar on track 7
Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Vocals and Backing Vocals
Vocals on track 3
Bass Guitar
Drums and Percussion

1. Moneyfacturing
2. Fiona's Smile
3. From the Turn of a Card
4. LJW
5. Maybe Tomorrow
6. Wherever There Was Beauty
7. Is This the Last Song I Write?
8. A Mayfair Kiss
9. Anyone Can Fly
10. A Perfect Day
11. Credit Carnival
12. One For Billie
13. Ravens Will Fly Away

The 2CD limited edition features a second CD featuring the following tracks

Live recordings taken from the 2012 tour:
1. Nature's Way
2. Isabella's Wedding
3. Progress of the Soul
4. On Camber Sands
5. Lutey and the Mermaid

New studio recordings:
6. Praeludium (from the Well Tempered Clavier)
7. The Forgotten King
8. Roots