1998 News

30th December Lantern FM's Ian Starling interviewed Oliver on the forthcoming release of 'Jabberwocky'. The interview covers a variety of subjects - Heaven's Isle, Jabberwocky, 'This Is Your Life' and much more!
A transcript of this interview can be found elsewhere on this web site.
29th December ‘Jabberwocky' is made 'Album of the Week' on Lantern FM.
December At the Classic Rock Society's Awards Night, Oliver collected an award for "30 years in rock" on behalf of his father. Oliver made a well-received speech and the award was safely delivered to Rick at CTS studios in London, during the final mix of'Buried Alive' from 'Return to the Centre of the Earth'. Oliver incidentally, was nominated 10th best keyboard player!
October The'Dolphin's Dream' from Heaven's Isle has been featured on a new video released by the Tarka Trust along with music by Anthony Phillips (of Genesis fame) and the National Philharmonic Orchestra.
August Rodney Matthews book -'Countdown to Millennium', featuring a version of the 'Jabberwocky' cover is now available through Paper Tiger Publishing. Thoroughly recommended.
August 1998 Two of the pieces from Heaven's Isle were featured on the 'Illuminations', broadcast on Westcountry TV.
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