2000 News

31st December Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year to all our visitors!
Recording for the Hound is now due to begin in Late January following Oliver's work on the "3 Ages" project and Clive's involvement with his studio "Thin Ice".
28th December The studio recording work on the '3 Ages of Magick' has been completed. All the performances were first class and the album is due to be mixed in mid-January. The album was recorded in a wonderful converted barn studio in Cornwall. More about the recording will be posted soon in the new "3 Ages" section.
10th December Studio recording on 'The 3 Ages of Magick' has begun!
1st December Oliver is currently busy working on a few new musical ideas and is really looking forward to 2001. Many of you may have noticed a lack of action here at the Oliver Wakeman website but there have been a lot of factors which interrupted work here for a while. However things have turned a corner and we intend to keep the site regularly updated with news on the recording schedule of both 3 Ages and Hound. We are also beginning work on dedicated sections for both the "Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The 3 Ages of Magick" projects so please bookmark this page and visit us regularly.
20th November Smokestack (the R&B band Oliver plays with) continues to perform in the Devon area and they have had another line up change. The band's new drummer 'Chico' has slotted in extremely well and the performances have all been well received. If you are in the West Country and would like details of the gigs, please email us here!
15th November The '3 Ages of Magick' is still being worked on - no more news as yet on a firm release date but Oliver is not too troubled by this as it has given him an opportunity to rework a few ideas and pull a few other musicians into the fold to hopefully create an album that will stand out from the crowd. The response to demo versions of the songs has been extremely encouraging.
1st November Lyric writing is underway for the 'Hound' project as the recording dates close in on Oliver & Clive. Recording will hopefully start around Xmas/New Year time. Verglas are still aiming for a April/May release and there are lots of exciting ideas for promotion being talked about - more news when we get it.
2nd October As many of you are aware Rick has been undertaking an extensive tour of the UK following his return from the South American shows. Oliver has been attending a couple of the shows close to his home in Devon and has met a few people who have bought copies of Heaven's Isle along with them. The show is a great laugh and we recommend that if you get a chance to see the show then do so as you are in for a real treat.
1st October The October issue of 'Wondrous Stories' featured Oliver as the guest in the 'Hearing Aid' section where the writers of the magazine list the five most listened to albums that month. For those interested Oliver's choices were
The Devlins - The Devlins
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
The Cardigans - Gran Tourismo
Harry Connick jr - Come By Me
Ben Folds Five - Ben Folds Five.
Martin Hudson gave Oliver's "Heaven's Isle" as one of his five.
14th September Robert Powell arrived at Thin Ice Studios last Friday as planned to record his narration for the Hound of the Baskervilles project. Oliver and Clive are extremely pleased with the job that Robert has done and sat throughout the session smiling broadly.
7th September Robert Powell is due to record his narrations for "Hound of the Baskervilles" with Clive and Oliver this Friday (8th September). Recording of the other musicians is scheduled towards the beginning of next year. The latest tentative release date for "Hound" is April 2001.
20th July We have been led to believe that a piece of music from Heaven's Isle was used on a holiday programme shown in the UK this week, but we aren't able to confirm this at the moment. If anybody has any information on this, we would be very pleased to hear from you, so please, email us here!.

The writing and the bulk of the arrangements for the 'Hound of the Baskervilles' has been completed. Both Oliver and Clive are extremely happy with the results so far. Recording is to begin later in the year and we will bring you all the news as this aspect of the project continues to develop.

The '3 Ages of Magick' album is also moving along nicely - we hope to have some interesting news concerning the release of this album soon.

All of us here at Oliver's website would like to take this opportunity to wish his brother Adam all the very best on the 2nd of August when he marries his fiancée, Terri, in Cornwall. It will be one of the rare occasions when the whole Wakeman family gets together - the last time was 'This Is Your Life' last year!
17th July Official news release from Verglas Music - 'The Hound of the Baskervilles':
"Clive Nolan and Oliver Wakeman have continued working in the Thin Ice studios on their latest project. The music is now pretty much complete and work is now underway on the lyrics. The cast, not unexpectedly, draws from the team that created 'Jabberwocky' and the vocalists will include Robert Powell, Bob Catley, Tracy Hitchings, Ashley Holt, Paul Allison, Ian 'Moon' Gould and Michelle Young. Some of the musicians expected to contribute are Peter Banks, Tony Fernandez, Karl Groom and Peter Gee. Devonshire based Peter Prakownik, who comes from the Roger Dean / Rodney Matthews school, has been commisioned to create the artwork."
25th May Oliver is scheduled to appear with Smokestack to open the North Devon Jazz Festival in the Wrey Arms in Barnstaple on Saturday 27th May between 1pm and 4pm. This will be the third year that the band have appeared in this festival although the first with new bassist Tim Buchanan.

Meanwhile on the studio side of things, work on Mysteries and Mythologies is progressing well. The twelve titles have all been arranged and the pre-production is well underway. We have no news of a label or release date yet and Oliver wants to get the project as well-developed as possible before he embarks on the promotional side of the album. It also looks likely that the release title of the album will change from the one we have mentioned so far. It will now be titled "The 3 Ages of Magick". Oliver is extremely pleased with the work that has been put into the album and the enthusiasm and encouragement that everyone has shown so far. Watch out for some new pages on this site dedicated to the new album. These can be accessed through the projects page in the near future.

'Hound' news - this has been put to one side for a few weeks as Clive has been busy promoting Arena's new album 'Immortal' (very good by the way - well worth a listen!) and Oliver has been busy with '3 Ages'. Jabberwocky was written and arranged in similar circumstances as both musicians are extremely busy. Oliver and Clive are keen to get back into the project as soon as workload permits, and this break will enable them both to listen to the material with fresh ears, so to speak! The duo hope to return to the work on Hound by the end of the month with a loose time-frame planned for recording by the end of the year and release early next year.
15th May There is now a website dedicated to Oliver in Portuguese! This can be found at http://tinpan.fortunecity.com/dylan/799/oliver.htm
13th April An in-depth and searching interview with Oliver conducted during the first of the "Hound of the Baskervilles" joint writing sessions has been published in full on the New Horizons website.
13th April Oliver's publishers, PXM Publishing, now have their website up and running. It is at http://www.pxmpublishing.com . More audio samples are available here. Anyone interested in contacting Oliver in a commercial capacity should do so through PXM Music.
22nd March The collaboration on "The Hound of the Baskervilles" has officially started! Oliver and Clive started the first writing sessions early this week, bringing their ideas for this project together for the first time in a writing environment. Says Oliver after the first couple of days, "My initial thoughts are that it is going to be pretty good!".
19th March A photograph featuring Rick and his family appeared in the Mail on Saturday on the 11th March. The photograph was featured along with an article on Nina Carter (Rick's wife) and her days as one of the first supermodels. The photograph was taken by Patrick Lichfield originally for an article in 'HELLO' magazine back in the early 90's. We don't think that Oliver has changed that much really!!!!
12th March Oliver has confirmed that he will be in the audience at the Rick Wakeman gig this coming Friday the 17th March in Babbacombe in Devon. If you manage to spot him there, please say hello! Further information on this concert and the rest of Rick's UK tour dates can be found on the RWCC site here.
12th March Oliver did an in-depth live interview with Nick Jefferson of Medway FM last night at 10-o'clock. Tracks from Jabberwocky and Heaven's Isle were featured. We have been promised a recording of the interview, and we hope to have a transcript and an MP3 file of it here on the site shortly.
15th February In The Dutch Progressive Rock Page's poll of 1999, Jabberwocky won the 'Best Newcomer' category, got second place in the 'Best Artwork' (second to Roger Dean's artwork for Yes's 'The Ladder', and was voted 12th best album overall for 1999. Check out the poll results - http://www.dprp.vuurwerk.nl/poll99/
13th February 'Jabberwocky' was the seventh best selling CD overall for the Classic Rock Society in 1999 according to the February issue of 'Wondrous Stories'.
12th February The new Hybrid album 'Integration' featuring Oliver has now been released. Click herefor an independent review.
6th February "Mysteries and Mythology" is starting to take shape - twelve pieces of music written for this forthcoming project have been selected and pre-production is now under way.
9th January 2000 One of our visitors told us that during the past week, an on-air caller to Steve Lamacq's BBC Radio One show stated that one of Oliver's pieces was his top chill-out track! If anyone can give us some more details, we'd love to hear from you! Please email us here!
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