2003 News

20th December We would just like to wish all the visitors to the website a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's to 2004!

13th December Well we know it's been a big quiet of late for which we apologise but with good reason.

Oliver has had some interest in the new album 'Mother's Ruin' from a few companies and is now starting to work through some of the options. As you are all aware, Oliver feels this is the best thing he has written so far and is extremely keen to make sure it gets the best chance possible.

The main news that we can report is that Oliver is to make a guest appearance on the new Ayreon album "The Human Equation". As many of you will know, Oliver doesn't tend to make too many appearances on other albums but is a big fan of Arjen Lucassen and the previous Ayreon albums.

Fans on Oliver's work will have noticed that Arjen played some stunning solos on "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and Oliver is keen to return the favour. The album will also feature (amongst others), James LaBrie (Dream Theatre) and Heather Finlay (Mostly Autumn). Oliver is looking forward to hearing the finished article! More news on that when we get it!

26th November New mail order shop added to the website. You can now order all Oliver's albums via the website!

Simply Click on the 'Shop' link above to be taken there. Unfortunately, we can only accept Pound Sterling cheques at the moment.

14th November Well the CRS Acoustic Sessions went down very well and a very enjoyable evening was had by all!

There will be a proper report on the show in the near future but for those of you who couldn't attend here is the set list!

1. Heaven's Isle/Montague's Wreck medley (Heaven's Isle)
2. Nature's Way (Purification by Sound)
3. Lutey and the Mermaid (3 Ages of Magick)
4. Glimmer of Light (Jabberwocky)
5. The Forgotten King (3 Ages of Magick)
6. Lisa's Piece (Unreleased at present!)

Oliver was joined on stage by David Mark Pearce on Classical Guitar for Nature's Way, The Forgotten King and Glimmer of Light. Oliver was also joined on stage for Glimmer of Light by Jo Knight (Vocals) and Troy Donockley (from Iona) on whistle.

Oliver finished his set with a new piano piece he'd been working on for his wife Lisa (who was watching from the audience!) This was the first performance of the piece and it was really well received by all the crowd and not just his wife!

The show was recorded for release next year through the CRS and was also shot on video so you may get to see the footage at some point!

Oliver would just like to say how nice it was to meet the people who came along to watch and to say thanks to the organisers of the show (Martin Hudson and the CRS), his wife Lisa for her support and to Dave Pearce and Mike Clarke who travelled up from Cornwall for the show.

7th November Just a quick reminder of the CRS acoustic sessions that are being held tomorrow evening at the Herringthorpe Lesiure Centre in Rotherham.

Oliver will be the second to last act (just before the guys from Iona) and will be joined on stage for most of the set by David Mark Pearce on Classical Guitar.

If you can get to the gig it would be great for all the acts and it will also help the CRS develop and grow as it deserves. You may also get to hear a few of Oliver's pieces that haven't been played live before! More details can be found on the gigs page of the site.

Hope to see you there!!

1st October Well it's about time we had a proper update after what has proved to be a very quiet summer for Oliver and the guys.

This update is instead of the regular newslist update that usually goes out once a month but because of a virus thing that attacked the computer in early September we lost the Newslist members details. So please re-join (if you haven't already done so) and the newslists will be back up and running soon. We promise!

Mother's Ruin is still being deliberated upon by various companies, one of which Oliver would really like to take it but more about that when (fingers crossed!) they say yes. We can only apologise for the delay in getting more information about the album to you but we were hoping by now that we would have a release date.

On a more positive move, Oliver has finished designing the artwork and inlay layout and is quite a departure from his previous design work.

Responses from the family and friends that have listened to Mother's Ruin continue to be full of praise for the album so please do keep checking back here for news on it's release - we're hopeful that you won't be disappointed!

Some of you were no doubt disappointed at the cancellation of the live date for the Classic Rock Society in September but all we can really say at this point is that there was a very real logistic problem with putting together the rehearsals for just one show.

It makes sense to hold back on lots of rehearsals until the album has a release date and then we can schedule more dates around the same time. Rehearsals are difficult for the guys as they all have to travel from different parts of the country and so it made sense to postpone the live show until the new year. All tickets purchased will be valid for the new show.

However, Oliver will be appearing at the 2nd CRS Acoustic sessions on Saturday 8th Novemeber for a short set. Oliver will be bringing along his guitarist David Mark Pearce (+ acoustic guitar) and the guys are due to start preparing for that very soon.

Oliver is planning to play some material that has never been performed live before so it should be an interesting night.

Some of you have been asking what has happened to the 'Anam Cara' project that was much talked about last year. Well nothing very sinister to report. Rachel discovered that she and her husband Mark were expecting their first child and with the birth due in November felt that they didn't want to be travelling around the country with Rachel pregnant.

We're sure that the 'Anam Cara' project, in one form or another, will be finished at some point in the future but for the time being we all wish the happy family all the best for the upcoming birth.

Oliver and Clive are still writing the new album. Nothing new to report there!

Well that's about it update wise. On a side note, Steve Hackett is touring the UK and Europe over the next month so if you get a chance go and see him perform. Oliver has been doing a lot of design work for Steve's office which includes the tour program!

21st September Due to a computer bug we have unfortunately lost the details of all the members of the Newslist.

Please re-enter your details on the opening screen or alternatively click on the 'Oliver Wakeman Website' image above to get the intro screen appear below.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The next Newslist will be sent out in Mid-October.

13th August Some bad news to report we are afraid.

Due to logistical problems with rehearsals it is with great regret that Oliver and his band will be unable to fulfil their concert for the Classic Rock society on the 13th September 2003.

The concert will hopefully be re-scheduled for early 2004, hopefully to coincide with the release of Oliver's new rock album, Mother's Ruin.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to any fans that have already bought tickets but they will be valid for the re-scheduled show in the New Year. Please contact Martin Hudson on 01709 702575 for any further information.

However, Oliver will be appearing at the 2nd CRS Acoustic sessions on Saturday 8th November at the Herringthorpe Leisure Centre.

Tickets are £12 on the night and £10 in advance to CRS subscribers. The evening will be recorded live for the second Acoustic Sessions CD! Doors will open at 7.00pm and we will kick off at 7.30pm prompt.

Appearing with Oliver will be the following artists:- Troy Donockley - Dave Bainbridge (Iona), Quecia, Pipol from France & Jo Knight

5th August "Purification by Sound" is officially available in the US from today!

31st July The last two poetry CD's that we mentioned earlier in the year, have been finished and are now available.

As with the other poetry CD's Oliver has been involved in - Oliver has only written the incidental music and this is not a poetry to music type of CD.

The "Heroic Poetry" CD features Derek Jacobi (known for such work as Gladiator, I Claudius, Cadfael and many many more - although Oliver loved his performance on Frasier!) and David Rintoul (a RADA trained actor who has appeared in many leading roles for many of Britain's most reputable companies - has also appeared on many TV shows including Horn Blower, Taggert and Doctor Finlay).

The "Lovers Trysts" CD, again, features David Rintoul along with Juliet Stevenson (known for her various leading roles for the Royal Shakespeare Company as well as her roles in various films such as Truly Madly Deeply.) and Judy Bennett (known for her varied career in voice over work for such loved children's classics as Rupert Bear and well as a regular in the British Radio Drama the Archers).

As with the other poetry CD's, if you love poetry then these CD's are for you but the music content is only a small section of the recorded work.

25th July All the recording for the 'Mother's Ruin' album has been completed!

Dave Wagstaffe came in to Thin Ice Studios on Monday to complete his drums on the final three tracks for the album. He did a great job as per usual!

Tuesday saw Moon arrive for his stint in the studio and he proceeded to record some absolutely fantastic vocal parts. They really need to be heard to be believed, full of passion and the performances were first class.

All the musicians on this album have made it into something Oliver only dreamed would be possible.

Oliver is due up again in the studio for a few days next week to finalise the mix with Karl Groom and the mastering of the album has been set for early August.

The camera has been doing overtime at the studio as well so expect a few photos to appear on the photo album section of the site over the next few days.

19th July Well we know it's been a little quiet on the site for the last few weeks but Oliver hasn't been away on holiday or relaxing. Quite the opposite in fact!

The last 3-4 weeks have seem a phenomenal amount of work being undertaken for the new 'Mother's Ruin' album. All the Bass Guitar parts have been finished and so have all of Dave Pearce's guitar parts.

The final tracks requiring drums are to be recorded early next week along with Moon's vocals.

The mix is due immediately after with Karl Groom in the chair (who recently completed John Wetton's latest album) followed by the mastering in early August.

No one is keener than Oliver to see this album finally released and it really is turning into something special.

As soon as we know the release date we will let you all know.

Work is due to begin immediately afterwards on the rehearsals for the Classic Rock society show on the 13th September 2003. The band are hoping to be out playing live again sometime in late October.

We do look forward to seeing you there!

26th June Purification by Sound is due for official release in the United States on the 5th August 2003. The release is by President Records and the catalogue number is RWCD37.

25th June Some time ago a discussion group was set up on Yahoo! for various fans of Oliver's to discuss his work.

After a quite enthusiastic start it seems to have gone quite quiet! If you fancy joining the discussion group and want to get involved in talking about Oliver's albums, simply click the link on the 'Links' page and follow the sign in instructions.

23rd June The main piece of news this month is that Oliver has finally decided on the vocalist for the forthcoming 'Mother's Ruin' album. Various people were sought out and lots of demos were listened to but in the end we can announce that the new vocalist is a great singer call 'Moon Kinnaird'.

Many of you may not have heard of Moon but we can assure you that if you are a fan on Oliver's work with Clive you will have heard his voice. Moon played the part of 'Seldon' on the 'Hound of the Baskervilles' album and also sang in the choir on Jabberwocky.

All the band are extremely excited about the upcoming album with Moon singing, none more so than Oliver himself! More details about Moon are below along with details of the album.

Recording is continuing on the album with the music coming together at a great rate.Work on the guitars has started, the bass recording is nearly finished and as we mentioned above Moon is now happily (we hope!) learning his vocal parts. Dave Wagstaffe has just a couple of tracks left to finish off up at Thin Ice Studios and then the mix is set for late July.

The album will consist of 9 tracks and the album has a proposed release of September/October 2003 although who with has yet to be confirmed.

We shall take this opportunity to mention a bit more about Moon and his previous work:

Moon won the Classic Rock Societies best Vocalist of the year award in 1994. He studied voice and classical guitar at the Exeter school of music from 1981 until 1983 and has worked with (amongst others):
Big Silence, Valley Of The Kings (single) Go Go Baby (single)
The Edith Morgan Unit, These Are The Things (single)
Slaphead, Love For Me (single)
Medicine Man, The Journey (album)
Martin Darvill & Friends, The Greatest Show On Earth (album)
Oliver Wakeman & Clive Nolan, Jabberwocky, and The Hound Of The Baskervilles
& Ken Hensley, (backing vocals for 2 live gigs)

The band are really looking forward to the live gigs towards the end of this year and rehearsals should begin shortly after the album is completed.

16th June Oliver has been busy (in between writing and recording his new Mother's Ruin album) designing and putting together the new Adam Wakeman website!

Adam's new album 'Neurasthenia' is now available to purchase by mail order - the details are on his new site! To visit the site click here or visit it via the links page.

Some of you may be aware that Oliver also did the sleeve design and page layout too! The album is well worth purchasing and is full of great songs.

4th June Those of you who subscribe to the newslist will be aware that Oliver has begun work on a new solo album 'Mother's Ruin'. We are now going to give the other visitors to the site a bit of an insight into this album and the up to date news on it!

It has been Oliver's wish for many years to write a rock album and it has been under development for a long long time now. However, the music is pretty much all new! Various songs have been discarded along the way or deemed not suitable and after writing about 30 songs, the nine songs that will appear have been chosen.

The album is to have a band approach and so ,continuing their great work on previous releases with Oliver, the line up is as follows - Oliver (Keys), Dave Pearce (Guitars), Tim Buchanan (Basses) and Dave Wagstaffe (Drums). The vocals position is currently being discussed and we will hopefully have some interesting news for you in the near future.

Dave has recorded most of his drum parts at 'Thin Ice Studios', the same place that 'Hound', 'Jabberwocky' & '3 Ages' were mixed. The drums were recorded by Karl Groom (from Threshold) who will also be undertaking the mixing job once again.

Dave Wagstaffe also played on 'The 3 Ages of Magick' and 'The View from Here' as well as appearing in the choir on 'Jabberwocky'. Oliver rates Dave's drumming extremely highly as he is able to deal with all of the 'clever bits' Oliver expects to be learnt by yesterday!

Tim Buchanan (also from the above mentioned recordings) has nearly completed his bass recording at 'The Opus Suite' in Devon and has done a fine job as usual!

Dave Pearce has started his Guitar recording and has the fun job of working out his own solo's after having had to learn Steve Howe's, Arjen Lucassen's and Peter Bank's for the live gig last year!

The album is to have a rocky band approach which is heightened by the fact that the guys spent a long time rehearsing for the CRS show last year and so are aware of each others styles. This makes the project all the more exciting and different from the approach taken with Oliver's previous albums.

We don't have any details of a release date as yet but with the mix penciled in for early August, expect the album to be available sometime in September/October.

26th May 'Purification by Sound' is officially released today!

16th May President Records have announced that the official release date for 'Purification by Sound' is to be Monday the 26th May 2003.

President are, however, taking orders and posting them out in advance of this date! See the news item below for detail on how to order.

The first review has been added to the new reviews page. Use the link above to view this review and others relating to Oliver's albums.

22nd April President Records have informed us that 'Purification by Sound' is due for official release towards the end of May or early June.

However, if you want to, you can order the album direct from President Records and receive your copy much much quicker!! The price for customers who wish to purchase directly from President is £12.98 (this includes p&p).

If you want to purchase a copy you can order it direct from President by clicking here or you can call them on +44 (if outside the UK) 020 7385 7700. Remember to quote the catalogue number when ordering - RWCD37!

16th April The 'Chakras' album Oliver was commissioned to write last year is being released in Brazil through the company 'Cid'.

The CD is packaged in a CD jewel case as opposed to the Digipack packaging of the original release and subsequently has a new catalogue number of CD 00636/1.

For more information please visit www.cid.com.br

4th April Oliver was extremely proud to see that 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' album was voted the 17th best album of 2002 by the Dutch Progressive Rock Page (DPRP).

This was a hard fought category in which 340 different albums were voted for, which makes the placing of the album even more rewarding. It is always an honour to be voted for, and he would like to thank all who voted for him.

The full results can be accessed by clicking here. You can also get to the DPRP pages by clicking on their link on the 'Links' page.

31st March The "Questions and Answers" section of the site has been uploaded. Have a look and see if any of your questions about Oliver's music have been answered.

If you have a question why not submit it to the team!

27th March After a great deal of coaxing, Clive and Oliver have revealed the subject for the next Nolan & Wakeman project.

They are, as they put it,"Going more over the top than ever before", and have chosen to call their next album "Frankenstein". Release is expected in early-mid 2004.

26th March There are now audio samples of the 'Enlightenment' album available to listen to on the soundbites page!

25th March Bad news we're afraid, but due to circumstances beyond our control the concert at the Acorn Theatre which had been advertised on this site no longer has Anam Cara's involvement.

21st March Purification by Sound - Oliver Wakeman.

Good news for the people who emailed us asking for more information about this album. President Records have signed the rights for its release!

Oliver has just delivered the artwork and the CD master to President and the album is going into production this week

We do not have a release date as yet but as soon as we have the details we will let you know. We are hopeful that it will be before the summer.

The album is a collection of mellow instrumental keyboard work and has been very well received by all who have heard it!

The catalogue number will be RWCD 37 and for more details on President Records click here.

18th March 'The 3 Ages of Magick' - Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe is re-issued in the US today by Navarre Distribution. Click here to be taken to their site and details on the album.

10th March Disky communications have announced that the release date for the "Divine Harmonie" 3 CD box set is the 31st March.

This box set features an instrumental album by Oliver as well as instrumental albums by Harvey Summers & Dale Sumner. We will hopefully have some audio samples on the website in the near future.

As soon as we have any idea of where the box set is available - we'll let you know!

11th February Resurgence have confirmed that 'The 3 Ages of Magick' - Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe is due to be re-released, in the U.S.A., on Tuesday 18th March. It will be distributed by Navarre Distribution.

Great news for the US as the album has been difficult to come by since it's original release in September 2001.

9th February Oliver and Rachel and the band are due to play various concerts this year in the UK. They will be performing under the name "Anam Cara" Featuring Oliver Wakeman & Rachel.'

Various dates have been booked so far and more are to come. We look forward to seeing you at a show or two!

Check the Gigs page for further details!

14th January Audio samples of 'The View from Here" EP are now available to download from the Sounds link above!

If you like it - you can purchase the EP through either "PayPal" (see the Oliver & Rachel section of the site) or through the RWCC shop (click the shop logo above).

8th January The Oliver Wakeman & Rachel section of the site is now online. It can be accessed by clicking on the albums link above and then by clicking on the cover of "The View from Here". It can also be accessed by using the Oliver & Rachel link above!

There is now a direct link to the RWCC Shop (Rick Wakeman Communication Centre!) where all Oliver's albums are available for purchase by credit card. Any queries should be directed by email to Mike Holden.

1st January Happy New Year to all our visitors. Thank you for your support throughout 2002.

May we wish you all the very best for 2003!

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