2004 News

24th December

May we wish all visitors to the website a very Merry X-mas and Happy New Year.

12th December

Oliver and his wife, Lisa, were in attendance at the 2004 Classic Rock Society 'Best of the Year' show and met up with lots of friends and a great time was had by all.

Many of you may be aware that every year the readers & subscribers of the 'Rock Society' magazine vote for their favourite musicians and as with previous years Oliver is extremely pleased to see that he and his musical associates did rather well. He is especially chuffed to see the band voted for in the 'Best New Band' catagory.

The results were as follows

Oliver came 3rd in the Best Keyboard Player Catagory, just behind his father Rick and Martin Orford (IQ) who won.

Purification by Sound was 13th in the Best Album Catagory for the second year running!

The CRS show was voted 13th best show of 2004.

The Oliver Wakeman Band were voted 9th Best New Band of 2004 and 11th in the Best Band catagory.

David Mark Pearce came 22nd in the Best Guitarist catagory.

Paul Brown came 14th in the Best Bass Player catagory

Dave Wagstaffe came 10th in the Best Drummer catagory

Paul Manzi came 8th in the Best Male Vocalist catagory.

As usual, Oliver would like to say thanks to all who took the time to vote for him and the other musicians.

14th November


The Oliver Wakeman Band will play at The Boardwalk, in Sheffield on Saturday 30th April, 2005.

Tickets will go on sale before Christmas - £10 (£8 to CRS members in advance). The support will be named nearer the time.

Click here to order tickets online from The Classic Rock Society Website or contact Martin Hudson on 01709 702575 for more details.

2nd October

Due to a computer problem we regret that any emails that have been sent via the website during the last month could well have been refused or not received by us.

Please resend them using the 'drop us a line' link above and typing 'Duplicate Email' in the subject box!

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

19th September

The GIG! (Quick report - full report to follow soon!)

Just a quick report to say how pleased we were to see so many familiar faces at the Classic Rock Society show last night.

It was a real pleasure to perform new and old material alike and the reception the band received from the crowd was tremendous. Oliver was really pleased with the bands performance and hopefully there will now be more shows in the not too distant future!

There will be a full report to follow shortly but for those eager to know what was played - here's the set list!

Intro Music (Alternative version of 'The Ages of Magick')

Shadows of Fate (Hound of the Baskervilles)
At Home in the Mire (Hound of the Baskervilles)
Dangerous World (Jabberwocky)
A Glimmer of Light (Jabberwocky)
Don't Come Running (Mother's Ruin)
In the Movies (Mother's Ruin)
Enlightenment (Jabberwocky)
3 Broken Threads (Hound of the Baskervilles)
Picture of a Lady (Hound of the Baskervilles)
Burgundy Rose (Jabberwocky)
Calling for You (Mother's Ruin)
I Don't Believe in Angel (Mother's Ruin)
Run for Your Life (Hound of the Baskervilles)
Walk Away (Mother's Ruin)
Coming to Town (Jabberwocky)

Outro Music (The Ages of Magick & Hy Breasail)

Keep checking the concerts page for details of up and coming shows!

11th September


For the first time in two years Oliver Wakeman returns to the stage with a full five-piece rock band.

Following the collaborative pairing with Rachel (of Rachel and Common Ground), Oliver presents a dynamic and energetic set that is sure to satisfy those who have yearned to hear Oliver back in 'rock' mode. The band is a mixture of faces old and new, with stalwart sticksman Dave Wagstaffe now joined very ably indeed by nimble-fingered Paul Brown on bass to complete the rhythm section; David Mark Pearce is back on electric guitar following his acoustic excursions at Herringthorpe with Oliver last year, and the ensemble is now fronted by the extremely talented and animated vocalist Paul Manzi, respectfully doing justice in recreating the familiar studio performances from his honourable peers yet still bringing his own style and flair to the fore.

Followers of Oliver's musical career will be rewarded with familiar pieces from his back catalogue, but along with those new to the dextrously-digitted world of Oliver Wakeman, you will be amply treated to new material, with several never-before-performed cuts from the forthcoming Mother's Ruin release.

Be warned though - co-headlining with Erik Norlander and Lana Lane is not to be taken lightly, so the band are going to be earning their wages on the night and will be in full swing for much of the set, so if you're expecting an evening of candelabras, chords and caviar, you might want to bring a set of headphones...

15th August

We are now able to announce that the band line up for the CRS concert on the 18th September 2004 will be:-

Oliver - Keyboards & Piano
Paul Manzi - Vocals
David Mark Pearce - Guitar
Paul Brown - Bass
Dave Wagstaffe - Drums

The more observant amongst you will note that there are a couple of new names to the band following the last full band show Oliver played.

The two Pauls have proved themselves to be excellent musicians who have slotted into their new roles within the band superbly and Oliver reckons that this is the best the band has ever sounded!

Click here to find out more about the guys in the band!

22nd June

Oliver and his band will be performing for the Classic Rock Society in September as one half of a co-headlining concert with Lana Lane & Erik Norlander from the US.

See the Gigs page for further details!

12th June We are delighted to report that 'The Human Equation" by Ayreon (which features a guest solo by Oliver) hit the top 10 in Holland - (No 7).

This is the first time Oliver has appeared on a top ten album and our congratulations go out to the Ayreon mastermind (and friend of Oliver's) Arjen Lucassen.

We have also heard that Peter Pracownik (the artist responsible for the Hound of the Baskervilles cover) is to release a book on the 14th September. This book covers all of Peters work and will include a section on the Hound cover and the 'The View from Here' cover.

One to watch out for!

19th May Been a bit quiet of late hasn't it! No major news on Oliver's Mother's Ruin album yet, although as per usual things are busy behind the scenes!

However, Monday will see the release of the new Ayreon album - 'The Human Equation' which features Oliver on the track 'Day 17:Accident?'.

Oliver has received a copy of the album and it looks and sounds great. More info on 'The Human Equation' can be found by clicking here.

There are three versions of the album - the Limited Edition has a photo of Oliver (as well as the other artists!) in the sleeve and a DVD. The Special edition features the DVD as well (which features a small section on Oliver) and the normal release is a nicely packaged 2CD affair.

The album is well worth checking out and the limited editions are well worth picking up for their rarety value!

22nd March The track 'Progress of the Soul' (from Oliver's Spiritual Enlightenment CD - one of the Divine Harmonies CD's) has been used as the title music for a new DVD called "Complimentary Medicine - The Facts"

Amazon.co.uk have described the album as

"A look at a large range of complementary medicines. Top professionals clearly explain nineteen complementary medicine subjects. The programme shows a variety of disciplines and demonstrates how practitioners apply their skills."

If you are interested in Complimentary Medicine or are a completist then there are copies for sale on Amazon.co.uk - click here to be taken directly to the DVD.

To find out more about the album - click on the reviews or the soundbites links above.

21st March 'Ayreon: The Human Equation':

Oliver has supplied a small piece of movie footage of him playing the solo but whether this will make it onto the DVD is not known as yet!

20th March The RWCC shop now has compies of the 'Divine Harmonies' Boxset available to purchase. Click here to be taken to the RWCC site.

9th March This information has been reported on the Ayreon website concerning Oliver's involvement on Arjen Lucassen's new album.

Arjen: In 2002 I played guitar on Clive Nolan's and Oliver Wakeman's 'Hound of the Baskervilles' album. Ever since then I've been in regular email contact with Oliver.

Already a long time ago we agreed to play on each others projects one day. For this album I had the idea to have Oliver and his father Rick do a synth-duel. Rick emailed me that he didn't have time because he was busy with 'all things Yes', but he would have time in a year or so- which would unfortunately be too late.

So Oliver played the solo on his own, and he played some beautiful melodies over a difficult 6/8 part. I love that last note, brilliant!

The release date for 'Ayreon: The Human Equation' will be May 24, 2004 in Europe, and the release date for the U.S. is May 25, 2004

11th February The'Yes' fans amongst you will be interested to know that Oliver was involved in Steve Howe's re-recording of Australia for the 3-disc version of 'The Ultimate Yes'.

For more information about this have a look at the Q&A section of the site!

4th January Happy New Year!

Well it's the time of year that lots of magazine polls and internet "best of...." lists start to appear and Oliver is extremely pleased to see that he and his musical associates did rather well in the CRS annual polls. This is a particularly rewarding poll as it is voted for by the readers and subscribers of the 'Rock Society' magazine.

The results were as follows

Oliver came 4th in the Best Keyboard Player Catagory (incidently it was won by his father Rick!)

Purification by Sound was 13th in the Best Album Catagory (Ricks 'Out there' came 12th)

The Acoustic Sessions 2 gig was voted 13th best show of 2003 of which Oliver was one of the featured artists.

The Oliver and Rachel Band were voted 15th best live show of 2003 and 20th in the Best New Band catagory.

David Mark Pearce came 20th in the Best Guitarist catagory.

Tim Buchanan came 11th in the Best Bass Player catagory

Dave Wagstaffe came 14th in the Best Drummer catagory

Rachel heffer came 15th in the Best Female Vocalist catagory.

As usual, Oliver would like to say thanks to all who took the time to vote for him and the other musicians.

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