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6th December Mother's Ruin update.

Firstly, we'd like to thank all the people who braved the terrible weather in order to support the band for the launch concert of the new Mother's Ruin album. Guests in the audience included Oliver's wife, Lisa, his father, Rick (who joined Oliver on stage for the Wakeman Boogie!), Dave Bainbridge (Iona), Steve, Paul and Dave (Strangefish), Chris Welch (noted Journalist) and many others.

A great time was had by all and the band were really well received as was the new material. There will be a proper summary of the evening appearing on the Mother's Ruin section of the website over the next few days - so keep checking back!

The album continues to receive rave reviews with some people describing it as "....a masterpiece", "....one of 2005's late surprises" and the honour of being the album of the week on the 'On the Rocks' radio show hosted by John Bollenberg. Johns review can now be read on the reviews section of the Mother's Ruin site as well as the general reviews section along with a couple of other reviews which have been submitted to us.

If you have enjoyed the album and would like to submit a review for posting on the website please click on the link on the reviews page!

Unfortunately, the album still appears to be hard to get hold of in UK shops. This is mainly due to the fact that record shops don't really stock anything during the X-Mas period except best ofs so expect to see the album getting into shops in the New Year. It can, however, still be ordered directly from Progrock Records or the RWCC. See the shop link above.

Oliver would like to extend a personal thanks to Martin Hudson of the CRS and the guys in the band for their wonderful performance on the night. They are now all looking forward to the show on the 15th December at the Bristol Bierkeller - see the concerts page for more information. We hope to see some of you there!

17th November News Update

Firstly, many thanks to all the people who have written to us at the website praising the new Mother's Ruin album. Oliver is really pleased that so many people are enjoying it!

The album is widely available in the US and Europe but expect UK availability to increase over the next week or so.

Don't forget you will be able to buy a copy if you come to the launch concert at the HLC in Rotherham next Friday - the 25th November. Come along, you never know who you'll bump into in the crowd!

The band are also playing on Thursday the 24th at the Limelight Club in Crewe and December 15th at the Bierkeller in Bristol.

We can also announce that Oliver and the band will be the special guest band supporting Arjen Lucassen's new band 'Stream of Passion' when they play at the Oakwood Theatre in Rotherham in late January!

We look forward to seeing you at the gigs!

30th October The new Mother's Ruin pages are now on the website!

You can access this new section of the website by clicking on the new 'Mother's Ruin' link on the above menu. It can also be accessed by clicking on the album sleeve on the Album's Page.

We hope you enjoy these new pages!

Remember - only a week to go until the album is officially launched!

20th October Concert news.

Bad news to report we're afraid with regards to the Progeny Fesival which was to be held at the London Astoria. the whole weekend has now been cancelled and so Oliver and the band will not be appearing there on Sunday the 20th November.

However, you will still be able to see Oliver and the band headlining at the Limelight Club in Crewe on Thursday the 24th November and performing a full set at the special launch concert for Mother's Ruin at the Herringthorpe in Rotherham the following night.

We have also had confirmation that Oliver and the band will be appearing in concert at the Bristol Bierkeller on Thursday the 15th December along with three other bands which include Also Eden and Credo. More details to be announced soon.

Don't forget that Oliver will be then playing alongside his father, Rick, at the Memorial Hall in Marlborough on the following Saturday and Sunday. For details of this show please visit www.rwcc.com.

Also please keep checking back to the site for the new Mother's Ruin pages which will be going live very soon!

3rd October Great News!!!!!

Oliver and his band will be performing at a special album launch concert to promote his new Mothers Ruin' album.

The long-awaited launch of the Mothers Ruin album will take place on Friday 25th November at the HLC in Rotherham.

Tickets will be on sale later this week from the Classic Rock Society website or you can order by phone by calling the CRS ticket line 01709 702575.

We hope to see you all there!

3rd October Mother's Ruin is now available to pre-order from the Progrock Records website, Simply click here to be taken to their shop page.

25th September Mother's Ruin audio samples now available on the website, simply click on the sound links and then click the Mother's Ruin sleeve.

24th September The date for the Oliver Wakeman Band's appearance has been moved to Sunday 20th November. Please see the concerts page for more details.

19th September Progrock Records Press release.....
to view the original please click here



Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 19 September 2005 ­ Mother's Ruin is Oliver's latest studio project and marks a logical progression in his musical career. The album sees a change in direction from Oliver's recent instrumental releases and draws heavily both from Oliver's progressive roots and also the experience performing live with his band.

A collection of hard-edged yet melodic songs, the album showcases Oliver's writing skills but also allows room for the dynamic instrumentation which has become a trademark of Oliver's work.

With tracks such as'Mother's Ruin' tackling the emotive issue of the environment and our impact on the planet, and'The Agent' depicting experiences with a fictional music industry low-life, this album covers a host of subjects all within the framework of powerful rhythms and grooves.

Oliver comments, “In Shawn and Progrock Records I have finally found a company which has the same aims and belief in the album which I have. I am extremely excited by the prospect of what we can achieve together and trust this marks the beginning of a very successful working relationship.”
He adds, “Of all the albums I have released,'Mother's Ruin' stands as the piece of work I am most proud of.”

“Oliver first came to my attention when he collaborated with Clive Nolan and I really loved his work. When I heard Mothers Ruin, I knew we had to get it, so I'm really pleased and proud to add Oliver to our roster.”, Shawn Gordon, President of ProgRock Records said.

”Mothers Ruin” is the ProgRock Records debut release from Oliver Wakeman, and can be found at http://www.progrockrecords.com/artists/view.php?id=48. This is an album with a lot of melody, musicianship and hooks and while it has broad appeal, it will certainly appeal to fans of neo-prog. The album will be released in early November 2005.


Check out the albums page to see the cover and keep checking back for more information on the release!

There will also be a special concert in association with the Classic Rock Society in the UK to launch the album in late November - more details to follow.


Four Wakemans and a Christmas Tree

For the first time ever, (and probably the last), there will be four Wakemans appearing on the same stage at the same time as part of Rick's "good-bye" to touring schedule.

The Christmas Show will be based around Rick performing on a grand piano as well as having a few keyboards scattered about here and there for variation. He has said that there will be the odd celebrity guest appearing on stage from time to time but the biggest highlight is likely to be when Rick is joined by three other keyboardists whom he knows pretty well! Two of his sons Oliver and Adam and Jemma, one of his daughters. They in turn will be joined by a school choir to do a selection of Christmas carols. There will be a special arrangement allowing them to each show off their varying skills between each of the choir carols as well...and expect the unexpected.

There will also be a sort of "Grand Finale", although when asked, Rick said he had no idea what that would be at the moment, except that there would be one! There is no doubt though that this is a true one off concert and one not to be missed. Over the last year or so Rick has collected a load of new stories which are bound to be thrust upon an unsuspecting audience.

Date : Saturday 17/12/2005
Venue : The Memorial Hall
Location : Marlborough, UK
Box Office : +44 (0)1380 721347 after 6pm

27th August Many thanks to all who came to the show at the Limelight on Thursday. The guys in the band had a great time and are already looking forward to their return visit on the 24th November.

Photos of The Oliver Wakeman Band at the Limelight show are available to see by clicking here.

Oliver and the band will also be appearing at the Progeny festival at the London Astoria on the 19th November.

23rd August Oliver and his band to perform as one half of a 'Progressive Rock Evening' with Strangefish at the Limelight Club in Crewe on Thursday!

See the Concerts page for further details!

15th August Many of you may or may not have been aware that Oliver and Lisa have been expecting a baby for the last 9 months.

We are, therefore, very proud to announce the birth of Arthur Joseph Wakeman on the 4th August 2005 at 11.44am to proud parents Oliver and Lisa.

Arthur weighed 7 pounds and 9 1/2 ounces at birth and Mother and Baby are both doing extremely well!

3rd July Oliver appears on the new Steve Howe album 'Spectrum' which is due out tomorrow!

Also check out the review of the OW Band's Sheffield show by clicking on the Reviews link above!

16th May We are at last proud to announce that Oliver appears on the new Steve Howe album 'Spectrum'. We have wanted to let you know for a while but thought it only fair to wait until Steve announced it himself!

Also appearing on the album are Tony Levin, Dylan and Virgil Howe. Oliver appears on four of the tracks on the album and he really enjoyed performing on it.

It is due for release on the 17th June 2005.

For more info please visit Steve's website - www.stevehowe.com

6th May Last Saturdays concert at 'The Boardwalk' in Sheffield went extremely well! Thank to all who attended and helped make it a memorable night.

The band performed very well even though Oliver and Paul were suffering with heavy colds!

Following numerous requests to the website, here is the set list. Hopefully we will have a full report regarding the gig on the site soon.

Set List

1. Don't Come Running
2. Shadows of Fate
3. At Home in the Mire
4. Dangerous World
5. In the Movies
6. Burgundy Rose
7. Run For Your Life
8. Three Broken Threads
9. The Forgotten King
10. Heaven's Isle/Montagues Wreck Piano Medley
11. Picture of a Lady
12. The View from Here
13. Mother's Ruin
14. The Agent
15. Glimmer of Light
16. Calling for you
17. Enlightenment
18. I Don't Believe Angels
19. Walk Away
20. Coming to Town (encore)

The band will next appear at the Limelight club in Crewe alongside 'Strangefish' on Thursday the 25th August!

24th April The Oliver Wakeman Band Live at The Boardwalk, Sheffield, UK.
Saturday 30th April 2005

Oliver Wakeman - Keyboards & Piano
Paul Manzi - Vocals
David Mark Pearce - Guitar
Paul Brown - Bass
Dave Wagstaffe - Drums

Oliver Wakeman and his band return to the Classic Rock Society stage this coming Saturday.

The band, with identical line-up to last year's double-header concert with Lana Lane and Erik Norlander, have developed existing and previously unperformed material and anticipate building on the reputation gained through critical acclaim.

Oliver says; "I am delighted with the band's tightness and cohesion which has fulfilled all of my expectations for a touring band in transferring my music from a studio environment to the live stage."

The set again draws from Oliver's back-catalogue with music from both 'Jabberwocky' and 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' albums (composed with Arena's Clive Nolan), and from his solo ventures 'The 3 Ages of Magick' and 'Heaven's Isle'. The show will also include material from the forthcoming album 'Mother's Ruin'. With no current release-date scheduled, the live performance presents a rare opportunity to preview this album's material.

Whilst the demand for band material biases the show towards the rockier of his endeavours, Oliver is keen to cater for fans of both his piano works and softer material with a dynamically-tailored set which also echoes previous 'unprogged' acoustic performances.

Concert information:
Doors 7.00pm
Tickets £10.00 on the door
£8.00 for CRS members when ordered in advance from the Classic Rock Society
Website at http://www.classicrocksociety.co.uk


Oliver Wakeman is a published composer and touring musician.

Contact: Mike Clarke
Email: mike@oliverwakeman.co.uk
Tel: +44 7966 175397

28th March The new ProgAid single 'All Around the World' featuring Oliver Wakeman and many others is now available from the ProgAid website www.progaid.co.uk. You can see the cover on the 'Albums' page - just click on the 'Albums' link above.

All money raised goes directly to this extemely worthwhile cause.

This months 'Rock Society' magazine (available form www.classicrocksociety.com) ran a feature on the recording and quotes that 'Oliver Wakeman's keyboard parts are simply outstanding'.

Oliver is greatly flattered by this comment and is pleased that he could be of help to this very worthwhile project to raise money for the Tsunami Earthquake disaster fund.

27th March Peter Pracownik's new book 'The Enchanted World of Peter Pracownik" is now available and a very good read it is to. Anyone with an interest in fantasy art would find this a great book to own.

Oliver actually gets a page to himself in the book featuring the covers to 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' and 'The View from Here' as well as the photo of Oliver from the hound Booklet!

To find out more about the book visit www.peterpracownik.com

11th March It is with great regret that we have to announce that tomorrows concert at the Plinston Entertainment Venue in Letchworth has had to be cancelled. The Dayglo Pirates are unable to appear due to personal reasons.

Obviously, Oliver and the guys are extremely disappointed at not being able to perform tomorrow but have been informed that a new date will be organised for the near future.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause anyone who was travelling to see the band but unfortunately the situations is out of our hands.

24th January

Oliver Wakeman & Clive Nolan's 'Jabberwocky' and 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' are officially released in Russia.

The albums are being released by 'Irond' and feature slightly different artwork - although you need to be a collector to spot the differences!

For more information please visit www.irond.ru.

19th January

Oliver has offered his musical services to the forthcoming ProgAid charity single.

Please see the following press release, courtesy of the ProgAid website, for more information.

ProgAID - Help us make a difference

The Prog Rock community coming together to help where we can!

ProgAID was set-up in the wake of the terrible earthquake and Tsunami disaster that tragically struck on the 26th December 2004. The sheer destruction and loss of human life was of a scale that shook the world.

We considered what the Progressive Rock community could do, even in a small way, to help alleviate some of the suffering endured, and help towards the rebuilding of lives and communities.

We have therefore decided to co-ordinate the recording of a CD single to help raise as much money as possible for those that need it. The song, titled 'All Around The World', will be recorded on the 29th and 30th January 2005, and since the decision was made, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of so many great musicians who have agreed to give their time to appear on the single. The list grows daily and currently includes:

Neal Morse
Roine Stolt - The Flower Kings
Anthony Phillips
Martin Orford - IQ
Pete Nicholls - IQ
John Jowitt - IQ
Alan Reed - Pallas
Nick Barrett - Pendragon
Clive Nolan - Arena / Pendragon
Mick Pointer - Arena
John Mitchell - Arena / The Urbane
Gary Chandler - Jadis
Arjen Lucassen - Ayreon
Oliver Wakeman - Oliver Wakeman Band
Steve Balsamo - Alan Parsons Project
Troy Donockley - Iona
Bryan Josh - Mostly Autumn
Steve Gee - Landmarq
Tracy Hitchings - Landmarq
Dave Wagstaff - Landmarq
Bruce Soord - Pineapple Thief
Stu Nicholson - Galahad
Steve Babb - Glass Hammer
Daniel Gildenlow - Pain Of Salvation
Mike Baker - Shadow Gallery
Gary Wehrkamp - Shadow Gallery
Doogie White - ex Rainbow / Yngwie Malmsteen
Rob Gould - Fula
Fiona Ford - Fula
Alain Chiarazzo - Eclat
Steve Taylor - Strangefish
Danny Chang - The Fyreworks
Andy Edwards - Ezra
Colin Edwards - Ezra
Chris Dale - Sack Trick / Bruce Dickinson
Paul Davies - ex Karnataka / Panic Room
Jonathan Edwards - ex Karnataka / Panic Room
Nic Waulker - Bluehorses
Liz Prendagast - Bluehorses

Once recorded, the single will go on sale, which is expected to be late February 2005, and all proceeds will go to the charities that can help the victims of the Tsunami disaster.

Regular updates, including the amount of money raised, will be posted at the ProgAID web site at www.ProgAID.com, so please visit for the latest news. The full list of musicians participating on the single will also be listed within the "Who's Who" section of this site.

We thank you for supporting this release and please spread this news to as many people as possible!

Best Regards


18th January

Oliver Wakeman and his band will be performing as one half of a progressive rock evening at the Plinston Entertainment Venue, in Letchworth on Saturday 12th March, 2005. The other band will be the Dayglo Pirates, a Jethro Tull tribute band.

See the concerts page for further details.

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